Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Learning

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?

P.S.-Be specific. Please don't just say vague things like, "have fun"-what does that look like/feel like? Use active verbs.


  1. 1. A lot I am assuming because everyone is in some kind of school or trying to get into some type of schooling.
    2. My role is to learn. I am here to study and take notes and figure out math.
    3. A good student is attentive in class and participates and gets great grades like A+’s. I expect us to respect the teacher and the information that we are learning about.
    4. I expect good reasons for learning what we are learning. I expect no busy work and really hard assignments no one is ready for.
    5. If everyone in class works together, it will be a great class.
    6. I don’t know what it looks like. But I know I like freedom in my writing and that is fun for me but I don’t know what everyone else would think as a fun class. Maybe food in class or nap time! (just kidding on that last one)

  2. 1) The value of learning is growing up to be a smart individual with a good job so you can go far in life.
    2) My role as a leader is to pay attention and get the most out of everyday I come to school.
    3)A good student is one who pays attention in class, takes notes, and participates with the everyday activities.
    4)I expect a good teacher to make learning fun, interesting and help me learn a lot more of that subject. I would like you to have a lot of interactive activities and group work.
    5) I think if we acted out books and talked about them in class, it would help my learning a lot.
    6)I think if everyone talks and participates in class discussions we could have very good conversations and learn a lot from eachother.

  3. (1)The value of learning is to be able to use your knowledge to make a difference in the world. (2) As a learner my role is to make sure I get all the help I need, get good grades, and use my new knowledge outside of school. (3) A “good” student is someone who follows the rules, helps others without hesitating, and is respectful to everyone the come across; in or out of school. (4) In a good, quality teacher, I expect them to make sure I’m learning something in their class. As a student, I need to be asking questions when I don’t understand things, but the teacher needs to answer those questions for me. Also, teachers shouldn’t move to fast, and they should always give students full explanations of the work they are expected to do. (5) One thing that will make this a great class is: When we have to write a paper, it would be nice to be able to have some control over what we will be writing. That way, we will be interested in the topic and put our out best work. (6) In order for this class to be fun and productive, there needs to be less stress over what we are being asked to do. A stress-free classroom would be an easy going one, where nobody is afraid to speak up.

  4. 1) The value of learning is to become a more proficient citizen to society. Being a proficient citizen means contributing to not only your country, but to the world.

    2) My role as a learner is to improve the standards of education and to improve the well-beings of others around me. Especially, future generations who will learn more than the previous generations.

    3)Excelling in all aspects of school qualifies for being a good student. Aspects of school could include: sports, homework, class participation, club participation and following the rules of Arapahoe High School.

    4)A top quality teacher is able to adapt to her audience. When giving direct information, a teacher can appeal to all of her students to help retain the information as well as possible. Also, a teacher must have more than one approach to learning otherwise it will become difficult for students to maintain focus and full attention. Such as note-taking and class discussions to better understand the concepts of the subject at hand.

    5) When a teacher gives a great question for the class to answer and research in-depth, that will make an excellent class. A teacher gives the subject and the students run the discussion to share opinions and ideas as well as facts to not only learn one way, but 30 different ways from 30 different students.

    6) A productive fun learning environment can only exist when students cooperate together to solve the problem that is given by the teacher. Students cooperating together can be: group projects and group discussions.

  5. 1. For me the value of learning is not for anyone else but myself. I don’t learn to please my parents or my teachers, I learn so that I can be the best I can be. If I don’t go to school and I don’t do my homework, where will my life go? Over the summer I went on a mission trip to San Diego, CA and learned first hand the affects of a lack of education. If I want to go anywhere in my life, or accomplish any of the goals I wish to accomplish, then my education is a vital source to the success of my life.
    2. My role as a learner is to be the absolute best that I can be. I am in charge of how I learn and how much I learn and the role to myself and to my peers is do my best and try the hardest I can to accomplish the things that are expected of me.
    3. A “good” student is one who takes charge. They don’t hold anyone else accountable for their learning. They are proactive, they do their homework and they do it with pride, they study, they ask for help when they need it, and work to the best of their ability.
    4. A qualilty teacher would be thorough in the way they teach, but not too obvious. They allow the students to expand and learn but they are always there to help! They are approachable and they teach in a way that is fun and entertaining and makes the students want to learn and want to come to class.
    5. One thing that will make this a great class is the humor. Freshman year that is what I enjoyed most in Mrs. Comp’s class, I wanted to come! I learned a lot but I had fun while doing it!
    6. A good learning environment is one that is safe. People aren’t afraid to be themselves or to speak their mind. That is the only way to reach the educations true potential, if people are willing to speak their mind. It helps if it is laid back and easy going and people aren’t afraid to be judged by the things they have to say. It is easier to learn when you want to learn so a fun, crazy, funny learning environment is always the best. 

  6. 1) The value of learning is very important because what we learn now will take us farther in the future and set us up successfully.
    2) My role as a learner is to fully take in the information given to me and ask questions when I need to.
    3) I expect as juniors this year, we can’t slack off. A good student needs to go in for help and do whatever he/she can do to make the year great.
    4) I expect that YOU, Mrs. Comp, take the time to explain things and make sure that we understand you. I also hope that you get to know us more and make the year fun.
    5) If we all work together and have a lot of fun projects, this year will be good.
    6) A lot of class projects and fun activities. Just being able to talk to the calss as a big group.

  7. 1) The value of learning is about exploring the unknown and learning whatever is new to you.

    2)As a learner my goal is to stay attentive and actually focus on what is being introduced to me.

    3)A good student is someone who is always ready to learn and turns stuff in on time. Also, focuses on being a better student in any way possible.

    4)I expect a good teacher is someone who is willing to teach all that is necessary and one who listens.

    5)Everyone to be willing to learn something and work together if we need help.

    6)I think everyone should all be willing to work together and have a great teacher who enjoys hands on activities, as well as working independent sometimes.

  8. 1. The value of learning is important in the development as a person, it helps us grow.

    2. My role as a learner is to do my best and really put time into my work and make it something that is worth while and of good quality.

    3.I expect that I really do good work and that I learn to the best of my ability. I won't try and take a "shortcut" through an assignment and do things that have good meaning to me and others as well.

    4. From you, I expect that you help me and others if we need it. I feel like you will guide us in the beginning and then let us become more independent learners which to me is very important and helpful the most to all of us to help us grow.

    5. I expect this class to have meaning like you said. I expect to come out of this class knowing that I have really learned something that I can and will benefit from.

    6.I think that for this class to be successful everybody needs to really try and be friends with everyone. I feel like once we are all comfortable with each other nobody will feel dumb making a mistake or saying something in front of the class and that will be really productive.

  9. 1)The value of learning is gain knowledge and become a successful human being. Also, it is important to learn anything and everything that can help you throughout your life.
    2)My role as a learner it to work my hardest and take responsibility for my own learning. By making an effort and working hard, it will pay off in the future and I could become very successful.When I’m struggling, help should be asked for.
    3)A “good” student knows how to take class. Taking notes, focusing, and understanding the content is essential in being a good student. I expect myself and other students to be respectful of eachother's learning. Also, when a student is having trouble with what we’ve learned in class they need to come in and get help so they don’t fall behind.
    4)I expect a good teacher to explain in depth the information that they teach us and make sure that everyone can understand it. I expect teachers to give homework to practice what we’ve learned and make sure that we can take learning into our own hands.
    5)One expectation I have in this class is to leave knowing everything I need to and understanding it all. I expect myself to come in and ask questions when help is needed to make myself a better student and prepare myself for when I’m on my own.
    6)In order to have a productive, fun, learning, environment the people in this class need to enjoy learning and have fun with their studies. Obviously, there is a time to get serious and focus, but by enjoying this class and the people in it, this class will be one to remember. Every person should feel welcome in this class and comfortable to speak without. Working hard yet also having fun will make everyone’s experience in the class 100 times better.

  10. 1) The value of learning is to become more intelligent about the world. We can use the knowledge to make our lives successful and do something productive with our lives.

    2) My role as a learner is to absorb as much information I possibly can, and know it without just remembering facts that don't really matter. Learning is about the big picture and it is my role to see that.

    3) I think a good student is someone who learns while inspiring others to do the same. Setting a good example for yourself and others is always a quality of a good student.

    4) I expect a good quality teacher to be the kind of teacher they would have wanted when they were in school. I expect my teacher to have learned from others mistakes and show interest in their job. A good teacher loves what they do, and passes their knowledge about the world to their class.

    5) I expect this class to teach life skills through literature. I think it is more important to learn things that will help us later in life with any profession we choose rather than specific facts that are just cool to know.

    6) For a productive, fun, learning environment, everyone has to give it their all. The more people who participate, the more people will learn. The class has to stay interesting for the class to get the most out of it they possibly can.

  11. 1) The value of learning is being capable to learn as much as you can so that you can be successful in life.

    2) Somebody's role as a learner should be that you take notes everyday so that it can help you on tests, pay attention in class, and don't be a distraction to others. Just go in the class like you have done it before.

    3) A good student should be able to do all of the following; take notes when you need to take them, pay attention, don't be a distraction, and participate in class discussions if needed. Your classmates/students should be able to do the same. If not, they are just taking away your learning and what you could possibly use later in life.

    4) A good quality teacher should be able to work with his/her students so that if they need help, they won't be afraid to go in and ask for help. They should also make class fun. Not like circus fun, but a fun environment so that when the students come to class, they will be excited for it because they won't know what to expect.

    5) Great class discussions and great blogging will make this class great. If everyone does the reading, then class disscusions and blogging should be great because we will be able to have questions for eachother and bounce ideas off eachother too.

    6) To have a fun productive, fun, learning environment, all of the students need to be able to work with eachother on group projects and nobody doesn't need to be mean to anyone. Also, the teacher can relate back to the students so that it is a fun learning environment.

  12. 1. The value of learning is the growth of the student. Whether it was as a person or their increase of knowledge.
    2. My role as a learner is that I work my hardest, to the best of my ability and walk away from this class satisfied with how well I performed.
    3. What constitutes a good student is the ability to take from the class and fellow classmates as much information as possible. I expect the class to be socially active with one another.
    4. I expect a good quality teacher to make the class fun for the students. No monotone teachers. A fun teacher makes students want to come to class.
    5. What will make this a great class is different activities. Not lecturing every class period.
    6. Group projects are a good way to keep the classroom environment fun and productive learning environment.

  13. 1. The value of learning is to be socially acceptable and succeed in life, and to take away as much as you can from the class.
    2. The role of a learner is to pay attention and do the best you can. It’s the only opportunity to have this experience or to take this class so you have to make the best of it.
    3. A good student pays attention and does the best he/she can to do well in the class. The are attentive and not only do assignments in class, but also take time out of class to really understand the material.
    4. A good teacher makes the classroom a good learning environment and makes the students want to be there. A bad teacher can ruin a year for students, but a good one can make it the best year. When teachers make the material for or entertaining, it makes the students want to do it (or hate it less) which I think is the goal to be a good teacher.
    5. One expectation is that we will participate in dicsussions together and that people will get along together, and participate together. Class dicussions in a class where people are all scared to speak up are counter productive.
    6. The class needs to be open and full of people that participate. It needs to not have barriers that prevent people from saying things about the class activity, and most of all people need to get along.

  14. 1. The value of learning to me is that you can use your knowledge out side of the class you are learning it in.
    2. My role as a learner is to pay attention and put my best effort in to the work I do.
    3. As a good student everyone should come prepared for class.
    4. In a good quality teacher I expect them to listen to the class and know that everyone is a different learner.
    5. I would expect my class to be prepared. If we have a class discussion I would want everyone to have read the book.
    6. The class should have in class projects and work together as a class.

  15. 1. The value of learning is something that makes you smarter everyday. You learn something new every day.

    2. My role as a learner is to study hard and have a better future. To learn something that is important to life.

    3. A good student is to pay attention in class and not mess around when the teacher is teaching. I expect us to be polite in class.

    4. I expect of a good teacher is someone who is understandable and not make us do something that is not helpful to what we are studying in class. Not to give us so much homework and expect us to finish it by the next day. I expect Mrs. Comp a good teacher.

    5. My expectation in this class should be fun, and not boring. Learn something new that will help us learn better in the future. Learn something new that tells us what our country did.

    6. This class will need/do in order to have in class is do your homework when it is assign. Be polite and say thank you, when you need to do so. Not to mess around or we lose that privilege to do something fun, like go outside when its summer.

  16. 1) Growing in our intelligence will help us be successful in life and be able to achieve the things we would like to. By learning we all gain information about the world that helps us understand it.

    2) My role as a leader is to help others achieve the goals they have and to show them that anything is possible.

    3) A good student is one who is organized and takes for good notes. I expect myself to show my knowledge and share my thoughts through my writing.

    4) I expect a good quality teacher to be passionate about their job, and want the students to learn.I expect them to have learned from theirs and others mistakes and use them to teach us.

    5) I expect this class to teach me skills in American literature I can use not only inside the classroom, but in the outside world.

    6) In order for this class to be productive there needs to be participation and enthusiasm by the students and by the teacher.

  17. 1) The value of learning is to not only to become successful, but to also become a wise old man.
    2) My role as a learner is changing constantly, since I learn more and more as I get older. Currently, as a learner , I have begun to take on more and more responsibility as I get older and more mature. The more I learn and mature, the more I grow and progress towards taking on full responsibility for my actions and education.
    3) A good student is a student who works hard inside and out of the classroom. A good student tells the truth, and works towards a positive environment for not only themselves, but for their classmates as well.
    4) From a quality teacher, I expect a positive learning environment. This is important, and is achieved through encouragement. I also love a teacher that has a sense of humor, but knows when to buckle down.
    5) Having a great time, making new friends, and learning a lot would make this class great.
    6) For this class to be be a productive and fun learning environment, I think that getting along with one another would be the one thing that would make a huge difference. When everyone gets along, no one feels like they’re being judged when they want to participate in a class discussion.

  18. 1. The value of learning is to be succesful in life.
    2. My role as a learner is to be in class and pay attention.
    3. A good student is someone who takes responsibility for their own actions.
    4. A good teacher can make the learning fun and can go in depth about the subject.
    5. I hope the class will be fun and exiting.
    6. Respect from both the teacher and the students.

  19. 1) The value of learning is to not take it for advantage, and use it wisely.
    2) My role as a learner is to realize that learning is a privelage, not a right, and I should really use it for the better. As well as respect everyone else's learnings.
    3) A good student is one that respects the learning of others, and also repsects the teacher and what he/she is teaching us.
    4) A good teacher is one that teaches us the main cirriculum of the school, and also little life lessons we can pass on; but make it fun at the same time.
    5) I think what's going to make this class a great class is the books we'll read and the history we'll learn through it. I also hope to obtain better interpreting, and writing essay skills.
    6) The class needs to commit to respect the teacher and each other. As well as knowing how to have fun, but know when to be serious and get to work.

  20. 1. Learning is valuable because it allows students to pursue different careers and have options in their future. Without education, many people are forced into working at low-income jobs that are not interesting or entertaining. By learning history, English, math, and science, students are able to join interesting careers that they enjoy. Learning broadens one’s future.
    2. My role as a learner is to take notes, pay attention in class, and participate in class discussions. I should also be willing to change my views or accept other viewpoints.
    3. A “good” student is someone who pays attention in class and brings positive, interesting thoughts to classroom discussions. I expect myself and my classmates to be respectful and thoughtful during class.
    4. A good, quality teacher should teach the material in a fun, interesting way that allows students to remember the class. A good teacher should also make sure to prepare students for upcoming standardized tests (pSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.).
    5. I expect this class to make English interesting and fun to learn about. I also expect everyone (including myself) to participate in class discussions and ask questions when necessary.
    6. This class needs to have a stress-free environment. Students should also keep an open mind and should not chastise anyone for their opinions or thoughts in a discussion. Different types of learning (group projects, independent research, classroom discussions) should also be utilized so that students can be prepared for college classes in the future and can get the most they can out of this class.

  21. 1) The value of learning is being able to take what you learn and apply it to your life, both future and present.
    2) As a learner you must listen and participate actively in order to comprehend what you are being taught.
    3) A “good” student actively listens to others and is involved in class and homework. They annotate what they read and ask themselves questions as the read.
    4) A good teacher presents many different ideas and strategies to students enabling them to step out of their comfort zone, stretch themselves and learn. They give a reasonable amount of homework but not an extraordinarily stressful amount.
    5) For this class I really want to be able to read actively. I want to annotate better and question myself and what I read more. I want to be challenged and grow as a student and a person.
    6) In this class everyone needs to listen to each other and have open minds. If we don’t open ourselves to new ideas we will never learn anything and we will be closed off to anything new. We also need to open ourselves to ideas even if we think they are crazy and may not work.

  22. 1. Value of learning is to extend your inteligence beyond what you know and growing up to be successful.
    2. My role as a learner is to give it 110% in whatever I do in and out of school and to pay attention and class and help out the best I can.
    3. A good student pays attention in class and participates everyday to get the most of the class. I expect fellow classmates to have fun and respect eachother.
    4. I expect you to be nice and helpful like you have in the past. Also, not to give us the answers but make us work and think for them.
    5. This class will be great if we try our best to make the content exciting and interesting. Also, to do activities and not just read and be lectured the whole class.
    6. this class needs to respect eachother and always participate to get great discussions out of what we are doing. Also, we need to just relax and concentrate at the task at hand.

  23. 1. The value of learning is to be successful in life, and to be able to use the knowledge that I have gained to become the best person I can be.

    2. My role as a learner is to be a good listener and to share my thoughts. By being a good listener you can hear the teachers or students thoughts about a subject. The new ideas that other people share can help me understand something in a new way. By sharing my thoughts with others it can help show them how to think about the subject in a new way as well.

    3. I expect myself to be a good listener and to share my thoughts and ideas with the other students. I expect the other students to be good listeners as well and to share their ideas. If we all share our ideas it will make it easier to help each other understand how each of us are thinking.

    4. I expect a good teacher to connect with the students on a personal level, and to use different teaching techniques in order for us to learn in new ways. By a teacher connecting with their students on a personal level it makes the students more willing to learn, and to actually look forward to that teachers class. Since not every student learns in the same way, by using different teaching techniques it allows every student to learn in the best way possible for themselves.

    5. My expectation for this class is that everyone will feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with the rest of the class. This class will be a relaxed environment where everyone feels welcome.

    6. To have a productive learning environment everyone needs to complete the work by the time that it is supposed to be done by because if we are discussing it in class the day it is due the person that doesn't have it completed can not join into the conversation and share their thoughts that everyone else could have learned from. To have a fun learning environment everyone in the class should try to step out of their comfort zone and meet other students. Also if the teacher is energetic and is passionate with what they are teaching it always makes learning more fun.

  24. 1. The value of learning is to get a valuable education that students tend to take for granted. It is critical that for students to understand those skills in order to be succesful in the future.

    2. My role as a learner is to pay attention and not get distracted in class. I also need to do my work and not mess around in class or fall asleep. Most importantly I need to understand what I am being teached.

    3. I expect everyone to repect the teacher and not ber rude so everything can run smoothly. I expect students and I to take responsibility for our work and our actions.

    4. A good quality teaher is not one who is tense, but relaxed and one that brings a positive vibe and atmosphere to the class. One that is a reasonable person instead of one that is irrational. Also a teacher that explains her self and assignments well is key for a good teacher.

    5. One expectation that will make this class great is to joke around and not be all serious. Also a great class has good chemistry including the teacher so that it would be fun.

    6. The class needs to pay attention to all the important information and not interrupt so much in order to make things productive. Also it needs to be balanced by having a good time by joking around, but at the same time knowing what you are doing and the reason you are there.

  25. 1. The value of learning is to obtain knowledge so you can go to college and get a degree. This further helps us in life with our future career.

    2. My role as a learner is to pay attention to what my teacher is teaching the class, and to show everything that has been taught to me on tests.

    3.To be a goos student one must study, do homework, pay atention in class, not get offf task.

    4. A good quality teacher should be able to teach the students the knowledge they need. The students should then be able to use the knowledge they have obtained to use it on test or other things that the teacher could give out.

    5. One expectation I have in this class is to learn through the next level of english that this school offers.

    6. The more people put in there effort towards class projects or activities the better off everyone will be, which would make the class a more productive and fun.

  26. 1) The value of learning is to become a smarter individual so that when its time to find a career you will get a job and that you will be able to use your knowledge for your benefit.
    2) My role as a learner is to have and gain more knowledge for myself and for my future, and to become the best person I can be.
    3) A good student is someone who comes to school ready to learn and ready to step up and do what they need to gain a better knoweldge. They are attenticve and respect eachother.
    4) I expect to to walk out of class each day knowing that I learned something new and that I will be able to come to you for help if I need it.
    5) One expectation I have for this class is for everyone to respect one another and help eachother out.
    6) This class needs to have fun and be willing to learn and have discussions with one another in order to be productive. We can do this by having group discussions and working in groups.

  27. 1. The value of learning is to expand your education and mind so that you learn valuable lessons that will help you in the future.

    2.My role as a learner is to try my hardest and to ask questions if I do not understand the material.

    3. A good student constitues of a person who participates in class and always gives 100% effort on every assignment. I expect my classmates and I to always have a good time in class while learning important materials that will help us later in life.

    4. I expect you to come to class prepared and ready to make class exciting and worth while. I want you to enjoy class and have a good time learning with us.

    5. One expectation that I have for this class is for it to be meaningful. I want to learn materials and values that will help me later in life and not just do busy work that is meaningless.

    6. This class needs to understand that there are times to have fun and that there are times that we need to do work and stay on task. If our class does the necessary work, then we will have time to get to know each other and benefit from the class.

  28. 1. Learning makes a person wiser and more adapted to the society.
    2. My role as a learner is to educatre myself for college and a job in the future.
    3. To be a good student you must be well organized and always ready to learn new material.
    4. I expect a teacher who i can get one on one help with. I also expect you to try to make things interesting and exciting!
    5. One expectation i have is more group work. This is useful to many students.
    6.This class needs to talk as a whole about books and assignments we are currently doing so we can get a better understanding.

  29. 1. Learning is the key to opening doors. Without learning, we cannot grow and expand our minds and thinking.

    2. My role as a learner is to engage and listen to everything being taught in school. Taking in all information allows the learner to decide what information will be most important and will help in the learning process.

    3. I believe a good student is pro-active. They understand what needs to be done and they schedule extra time to study. Also, if they have a question they are not afraid to ask. A good student understands their learning style and takes responsibility for their leaning. A great student contributes to the class by both answering questions and being a good listener.

    4. A good quality teacher is well organized and has a plan. She wants her students to succeed and is willing to take extra time to make sure that it happens. An effective teacher engages the students and has a collaborative classroom. A great teacher gets to know her students and listens to, and values, what they have to say.

    5. A great class is one that helps you gain knowledge and skills for the real world, rather than just that class.

    6. A productive, fun, learning environment involves collaboration cooperation, and communication. Often group discussions and projects are helpful because you are able to learn from others. Also, when the teacher has interesting lesson plans and allows the students to feel welcome, the students will be more engaged in class.