Friday, September 2, 2011

Fear and Fervor

After reading excerpts from Jonathan Edwards', Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" there are a few items I would like you to reflect upon.

Make sure you treat this like a discussion, not just an individual response. I want you reacting to other people's ideas as well. Answer the following:

1. What images and figures of speech do you find most powerful and persuasive in Edwards' sermon? Why are they powerful (thus, what do they help to emphasize/what is its purpose?)

2. Why did the Puritans value this sermon?

3. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that, "Fear is an instructor of great sagacity and the herald of all revolutions." Is fear a powerful motivator for human behavior? Please list some examples to back up your opinion. (Think about the things you do out of fear)

4. We have been reviewing aspects of Puritan culture-do we see aspects of this culture today? What aspects have we kept from Puritan culture?


  1. 1. One of the most common images Edward uses is that everyone is hanging be a thin little thread over the burning fire of Hell and the only thing keeping us from falling in is God. He really tries to emphasize that at the drop of a hat, you could fall into the licking flames. He also seems to make God out to be this person with all this power over us, and is watching us every day for his own enjoyment. He exemplifies God as this man with little interest in saving us from Satan. To Edwards, God is saving us from ourselves. However, he also seems to think that God could drop us in the pot of Hell for no reason. That God has no need or desire to keep us suspended. Everything was made by him and is in his complete control; therefore if he wants to have a little fun he is more than welcomed to.
    2. I think that Puritans valued this sermon because they believed in its values so deeply. Puritans were not born with the animosity of Satan; they were born with a fear of God. They strongly believed that they had to be perfect and the best in order to go to Heaven. However, this is a big contradiction from what the Puritans in The Crucible are actually doing in everyday life. They are lying and fighting and committing adultery.
    3. Fear is one of the most valuable motivator as well as one of the most powerful. It can inspire us to do accomplish great objectives and can bring out the best in a person. However, it also can drive people do quickly jump to conclusions and take the first and easiest way out. It truly reveals who a person is; it clears all smoke and breaks all mirrors. I know that I do many things out of fear like put sunscreen on in fear of cancer and brush my teeth so I do not get cavities. Fear is so deeply rooted into every one of us that almost everything we do is a precaution. I look both ways before crossing the street out of fear of being hit by a car. I do my homework in fear of getting a bad grade or scolding from a teacher. I will even admit that I hope on the bandwagon in fear of being the only one not on it. In our society, there is no way to escape fear. It is on the news; they air shootings, drowning, forest fires, car crashes, all things we are told we must tremble at the thought of.
    4. Even if they are not as obvious, we have kept many of the aspects from Puritan culture. Fear of death being one of their major features, and still we try to prolong the unfortunately inevitable. We value a perfect façade. We keep all of these parts of us secret because we think that if people knew all of our components, we would be less “normal” and eventually alone. In The Crucible, from the first act alone, we have seen so many facts unveiled from these religious people that are suppose to live this very restrictive, conservative lifestyle. And today our lives are not very constrained, but still we seem to keep certain parts of our lives secret.

  2. 1.the most powerful figures of speech in the sermon were the ones that talked about how god held your life in his hands, just as you could hold a spider above a fire and choose whether it lives or dies. God controls everyt daily aspect of life and stops humanity from dying just because he can.
    2. They were terrified of death and held God in the highest standard; they knew what his powers were and how he barely kept them from death, which was always around the corner.
    3. Fear is one of the biggest human motivators - in religion it keeps you from sinning. the fear of eternity in hell is a a big deterent to stop cheating, murder, lying, etc. and in daily life death is what stops you from jumping off cliffs and playing with alligators.
    4. The main aspect is that if you sin you will go to hell. today the rules arent nearly as strict but the same concept of sinners go to hell is still around.

  3. 1)Edward seems to have a lot to say about hell, he is very descriptive about how judgment does happen with the "wrath of god." He tries to scare us into believing that God is the one trying to keep us from dropping into the threads of fire. He also tries to exaggerate that God doesn't care what happens to us, that he is only there for amusement.
    2)In The Crucible it was different from what Edward was talking about. Edward talked about how they fear God and they believed it so deeply, but in the play they took the anger out so violently and were blaming everyone. In the play it's like they don't fear God they just don't care.
    3)Having a fear is a trouble to try and get over, but once you succeed everything you feel great. Fear is only powerful because the human race hates thought of feeling weak. When you get over a fear you feel relief. Heights is a major fear for most humans beings. The thought of falling from a high spot is scary because you don't know what lies ahead. The only way to help yourself get over that fear is to face it head on. Trying things like rock climbing or a roller coaster at an amusement park may help even if its one step at a time.
    4)I think we have kept some of Puritan Culture, we have some values. One major one is the thought about death. It's a scary process not knowing what will happen after you die. Everyone I'm sure has these thoughts and it's scary to admit. We also try to keep our belief in God controlled. When your with your friends it's kind of weird to talk about religion not knowing whether they believe in God or not. The Puritan Culture you talked freely and you tried to stay amused by it. Now people don't talk about it as much.

  4. 1) Edward used the analogy of falling into a burning pit of hell and the only thing keeping you up is a thin rope of god and he can let go at any moment. He referred to it as a rock falling through a spiders web. The only reason you wake up in the morning is because of God. He keeps giving you more chances and you should be afraid of God because of his almighty rule.
    2) The puritans were raised to fear god and follow his every commandment to the tee. They were taught from an early age a strict rule of obeying his word and doing the best they could to please him. They believed in this writing with everything in them and tried to live by a fear of doing wrong.
    3) I believe fear is a very powerful motivator for humans. The driving force to do good in most people is the fear of going to hell. They don't want to spend eternity in hell so they set out to live a honest life and follow his rule. Also, fear motivates people in society to not to wrong because you can get in trouble by the law. Laws and rules are set for our safety but the punishments are what really makes people follow them. They are afraid of the consequences.
    4) We still share some aspects from puritan culture today even if it may not be obvious. We share the belief in God and Hell. We share thinking that we need to do good in our life now to not go to hell when we die. We are scared to die and don't really know what lies on the other side. We also do hide many things in our life and try to keep some things secret as hard as that may be.

  5. 1.) Imagery is his strongest point expressed in this writing. He uses it to prove a point. Using imagery can attract the readers attention to something, and almost force them to pay more attention to the point of the writing. "That world of misery, that lake of burning brimstone, is extended abroad under you. There is the dreadful pit of the glowing flames of the wrath of God;" This quote from the writing I found very intriguing because its talking about a lake of burning brimstone and then a pit of glowing flames. That kind of stuff will attract my attention and make me focus more on what the writing is try to say.
    2.) In The Crucible, people of Salem did not fear god like Edward is saying in his writing. Puritans as well feared god, so that may be why they valued this sermon. As for The Crucible, the people of Salem did violent things and acted as if they didn't care what god thought of them.
    3.) Fear is a HUGE motivator of human behavior! Almost every act we commit can be related to something we fear. We do our homework, possibly because we fear failing a class. We get a job because we fear of being poor. But that's not the only way fear can motivate us. Fear of heights can motivate us to NOT do something. Such as, rock climb, a ropes course, roller coaster, etc. On the other hand, the fear of getting cancer can motivate us to do something good, like eat healthier.
    4.) Aspects of the Puritan culture that have been passed down have been the fear of god and fear of death. Of course some of us, like me, may differ when it comes to these fears. But overall, death is feared by all.

  6. 1. There are many images that are powerful in Edward's sermon about hell and the devil. He states how god is offended by the actions of a sinner and feels provoked. The sinner deserves to dangle over the pit of fire about to fall in hell. It is his way of punishing us and has the right to do so because he is in control of every human being in the universe. God created people and gave them the right to choose a path and if they choose the wrong path they have to pay the price.
    2. Puritans valued this sermon because of how deeply they believed their god and how justice will be served. It motivated them to help the sinners and pray for them. Even the witches that do evil satanic crafts could read this and realize that they will be punished for their unbearable acts.
    3. Fear is like a two edged sword, it can motivate you to overcome and embrace the challenge, or it can make you unsure about it and draw you away to fail. People tend to avoid their fear because it is much easier because they are afraid to risk embracing their fears. One of my fears is roller coaster or large rides. It is very easy to just sit out and not do them, but when I try a ride I get the feeling of accomplishment that satisfies.
    4. There are few similarities with the puritan culture and today. Now there are some extreme religous people who live life by their religion instead of making choices for themselves. Now adays people fear death and hell and want salvation. One different aspect of the cultur is that back then they lived a simple, conservative and pure life, but now there are many scandals with religous leader which repels people because they are being hypocritical to their word.

  7. 1. “O sinner! Consider the fearful danger you are in: it is a great furnace of wrath, a wide and bottomless pit, full of the fire of wrath, that you are held over in the hand of that God, whose wrath is provoked and incensed as much against you, as against many of the damned in hell. You hang by a slender thread, with the flames of divine wrath flashing about it, and ready every moment to singe it, and burn it asunder; and you have no interest in any Mediator, and nothing to lay hold to save yourself, nothing to keep off the flames of wrath, nothing of your own, nothing that you ever have done, nothing that you can do, to induce God to spare you one moment” (John Edwards excerpt of sinners).

    I believe this paragraph is the most powerful and persuasive in his sermon because they emphasize that humans are born bad and born to be dangled over hell like a spider. The purpose of this passage is to influence and convince humans that we are all sinners and nothing but evil who must repent for being so bad. You must do all of the good that you can so that at the end of the day you might be spared.

    2. The Puritans lived by this sermon and it was valuable to them because it is everything they live by so that they may go to heaven. They all believe that everyone is nothing but evil. The Puritans may also value it because it is something that they could live by.

    Yes, fear is a way to motivate and control humans. It has been throughout history and is still used in a less dire way in almost everyone’s household. My parents use punishment as a tool of fear to motivate me to get things done and to obtain good grades. John Edwards is using fear of the unknown to the common people in order to strain their freedom and control who they are.

    People of the Christian faith believe in some of the Puritan values such as humans are sinners and that is nature and that the only way to evade hell is to live the best life possible. The best life possible doesn’t mean fun necessarily; it means to live in a less sinful way for God.

  8. 1. Edwards elaborates on how God is more of a bad guy than a good guy. He makes it seem as if one wrong deed is punishable by an eternal sentence to hell.

    2. I believe that the Puritans valued this sermon because they used fear and uncertainty to control the people around them. This happens even in today's society, as far as religion goes.

    3. I do believe that fear is a powerful motivator, it can be more of a compelling emotion than love. In times of fear and desperation, people will always took to someone or something to feel secure.

    4. There are definitely still aspects of Puritan culture around today. The main aspect would be, "If you sin, you will burn in hell." This mentality is pretty common nowadays.


  9. 1."men are held in the hand of God, over the pit of hell;" it then goes on to say that if you provoke God the string that is holding you up breaks and you go to hell.I feel like this so powerful because is saying that we fear God so we do good.

    2.The Puritans valued this sermon because that's what they were taught. They were taught to fear God. They were taught that if they did the wrong this God would automatically punish them and send them to hell.

    3.I agree with this because fear is what drives humans to not do things. Fear of rejection results in following the stereotype and doing what others will accept. Also the fear of failure motivates people to do better and to succeed in everything that they do.

    4.We do still have some aspects of Puritan culture today such as the fear of death. People don't want to die and are always saying stuff like "you never know if this could be your last day" I feel like this fear will always be around because nobody will ever know what happens after you die. Also the fear of going to hell if you sin has carried on from Puritian culture.

  10. 1. There is a lot of metaphors he uses such like the water, the arrow and wind. He also compares hell to a furnace below you with only gods hand to hold you up. The imagery that he uses in this sermon is very strong and when pictured, scary if you’re a person living in that time period. It reflects a lot of the doom and brimstone of the religious views of the time. When he describes God, he portrays a ruthless man that just watches us for entertainment and cares not if we drop from his hand and descend into the depths of hell. This man must have left a very lasting impression with this sermon.
    2. The valued it because it scared them into being good people. It tells them what to expect when they die if they have not been faithful enough to god. They learned to fear god. And this sermon says to do that.
    3. Fear is a huge motivation. It always has been. Our own society is run by an underlining strain of fear. There is the fear of death, which people will go to great lengths to stay alive, there is the fear of torture, which makes people talk in fear of being brutally bashed. There is the fear of what happened on 9/11 and what it means for the country. The patriot act was a direct result of that fear. Fear will make you do anything. We fear being afraid to begin with.
    4. Many people have kept that fear in God. The morals have all stuck with us. Don't lie, steal, cheat act. What we carried over most are the stories of hell. Those still spread like fire in the cultures today.

  11. 1) I find that in Edwards' sermon, he uses the phrase: "The wrath of God" often, instead of just saying The Devil or Satan. He uses great imagery to make sure the reader knows that when someone sins and goes to Hell, it is all in God's hands.
    2) The Puritans valued this sermon because it's what they lived by. If they were to sin, they know that "The wrath of God" would send them to Hell.
    3) I would definetly agree that fear is a motivater in human society. For example, people use cross walks when they fear cars are going to hit them. They kill spiders out of fear... and people also use security systems out of fear.
    4) There are still aspects of puritan culture today. Most people fear that if they sin they will go to Hell, and not the pearly gates, much like the Puritans. We also still have symbols on Gravestones. Granted they aren't as dark, but they still symbolize something and make the living feel better about them.

  12. 1. The most powerful images used in Edwards’ sermon were those of fire and water. In his sermon, Edwards emphasizes that it was God’s will that each individual was not presently in Hell, but merely waiting their turn. He used the images of God’s fiery wrath and drowning in a violent storm frequently to scare people into living the righteous way and not committing sins. I agree with Olivia’s comment about how God has little interest in keeping people suspended above the flames of Hell. It seems that Edwards depicts God as an all powerful being that has no care for the people he rules.
    2. Death seemed to be one of the Puritans main values and conversational topics. Puritans feared God, so they agreed with many of the values discussed in Edwards’ sermon. From a young age, children were taught to obey the laws and commit no sins. If they did, they would probably blame others in hopes that they would avoid the wrath of God. This may be one of the reasons that the Puritans in The Crucible were so willing to create scapegoats instead of taking the blame themselves.
    3. Fear is a powerful motivator for human behavior. Most actions are influenced by fear. Many people are unwilling to try new activities due to their fear of failure. Some people avoid talking to others or expressing themselves due to their fear of rejection. When one is under the influence of fear, it is human instinct to lie and blame others and do almost anything to stay alive and remove oneself from the situation.
    4. The value and fear of death remains in society today. New technologies and medicines are invented and discovered each day to extend the length of lives or cure diseases that would end a life early. These new discoveries are amazing and have helped improve the way in which people live, but they are important and evolving due to a fear of death.

  13. 1. Edwards uses the image of God barely holding us back from the fiery pits of hell. Edward likes to show God holding all of the power of peoples fates, and if they do one thing wrong they will be sent to hell in an instant. People must do everything right or else God will pull back his hand and let you fall into the depths of hell. Edwards wants to scare people so that they are always living on the edge, so they better do everything right or else God will punish you.
    2. The Puritans valued this sermon because it showed them how much they needed to value their religion in order to not be sent to hell. It also showed the Puritans how awful the Devil and hell are. If someone were to worship the Devil, the Puritans would automatically think that God was going to punish them and everyone associated with them. The Puritans made sure they lived by the word of God in order to ensure their safety.
    3. Fear is a very powerful human motivator. Fear motivated the Puritans to follow God's word, and to expose anyone that might be worshiping the Devil even if they were their friends. Fear motivated the government to add extra security in airports in order to ensure peoples safety. Fear keeps me from doing stupid things like going off of snowboarding jumps because I am scared that I will get hurt or even die. One of peoples biggest fears today is that the world will end in 2012. People have even gone through the trouble of building bomb shelters at their houses for when the day comes.
    4. Many people today still basically believe that your action's on Earth will impact the fact of whether you go to heaven or hell. Puritans believed in this same philosophy, but at a different level. They believed that if they sinned at all God could send them to hell at that moment. The Puritans and people today are still scared about what will happen after you die. This fear has caused people to become scared of death.

  14. 1) Edward uses imagery to express his point in his writing. He uses the analogy of you hanging over a pit of hell and the only thing holding you up is a thin rope of god. He expresses how you should be afraid of god and of doing wrong in his eyes because he has so much power over you.
    2) The Puritans valued this sermon because its what they were taught and what they live by. The were taught to fear god and to always strive to do good in his eyes or he may send you to hell.
    3) Fear sets limits on what people will do. In religion, people will strive to not sin so they can avoid going to hell, such as lying or being dishonest. Death will set people from not doing things that may cause them such.
    4) Even today we still share similarities with the puritan culture. Such as a believe in god and in hell. Also we share the fear in god and in death. The difference between the puritan culture and ours is that what we do in our life will effect us in the after life in whether we go to heaven or to hell. In the puritan culture they believed if you sinned once, god will send you to hell right away. You are always hanging by a thread and god controls what happens to you.

  15. 1. The most powerful images in Edward's sermon was the wrath of god, and how god holds everyone's fate. He is the one that keeps us from hell and that he is the one who decides if we will go to hell or not. Edwards purpose is to scare people. He wants people to realize that if they do something wrong they may as well go to hell. He wants people to realize that they are doing wrong and that they should change their actions to do right.
    2.The Puritans valued this sermon because they themselves were taught to fear god. They were taught to do good and if it wasn't good enough for god, then they would be sent to hell.
    3. Yes, I think fear is a powerful motivator for human behavior. A lot of the things we do is out of fear. This is because fear drives us to either overcome something or to stay reserved about it and keep us from doing something. Fear is an emotion that can never be conquered, fear will always be there and it can be there to ensure safety or to keep people from doing stupid things.
    4. Many people today still have the some of the Puritan culture. People still fear god, they fear that if they do not do good they will be sent to hell. They fear death and want to do things right so that they wont have to fear death or god anymore.

  16. 1. I agree with Olivia when she says, "One of the most common images Edward uses is that everyone is hanging be a thin little thread over the burning fire of Hell and the only thing keeping us from falling in is God. He really tries to emphasize that at the drop of a hat, you could fall into the licking flames." These images are powerful because it makes you feel as though at any point in time, God can end your life. It makes you afraid to do anything wrong for this reason.

    2. The Puritans valued this sermon because their whole lives revolved around religion. They were ultra-religious. They lived their whole lives in fear of God and going to hell for doing something wrong. I agree with Drew E that this still is happening with religion today.

    3. Fear is a great motivator for human behavior, both to do something and not doing something. Sometimes fear can bring out the best in people and they do things they didn't know they could do, (like lift the car off the motorcycle rider the other day). Fear makes us do things out of fear like wearing a seat belt so you won't get hurt as bad in an accident. My Dad is scared to death to fly, but he flew to England over Spring Break to see me train/play with a professional team. A lot of other soccer players have told me that they would never want to be a keeper because they are afraid of having that much pressure put on them, win or lose.

    4. Some of the Puritan values we do still have today. We still believe in God and heaven, the devil and hell. Some people believe in the afterlife. Some people believe that God controls their whole lives.

  17. 1. The way in which Edwards described how “men are held up by the hands of God”, puts forth how much God had to do with one’s fate. If it weren’t for God we would fall into the “pit of hell.” He used the extended metaphor of men as spiders and other imagery about how God was able to control their lives. Fear was created in knowing that God could pull back his hands and send someone into hell. This mindset created the need for people to try and do the right thing because they knew if they didn’t they would end up in hell.

    2. They valued this sermon because it reflected how they lived their lives in fear. They believed that their afterlife was determined by how they followed what God wanted. They new if they disappointed God he could easily make them go to hell. This sermon showed their religious superstitions and how they feared God’s ability to determine their fate.

    3. Fear can most definitely be a motivator. Fear; although not always the best way to motivate makes people do certain things in order avoid consequences. Fear made the Puritans follow God’s word. Also, there is lot of security at sporting events and airports because people fear that someone might do something to put people in danger. Fear is what makes people lock their doors at night, and shut their garages. Fear is very powerful and restricts freedom, but in turn, can make people feel safer.

    4. Many people today fear the unknown. The Puritan’s knew that they must follow God’s word in order to avoid hell. Today people often feel guilt when they do something that they think is bad because they feel as though it could have a negative consequence. People often do what they assume is the right thing because they believe good things will happen. Puritan’s culture had more of a concrete way of living because they were aware of their consequence of hell. However, today our beliefs are not as black and white, and therefore we have more freedom to believe what we want. Our beliefs today often cause us to act the way we do.

  18. 1) The most powerful images in Edwards' sermon was the wrath of God, especially when he wrote, "The bow of God's wrath is bent, and the arrow made ready on the string, and justice bends the arrow at your heart, and strains the bow, and it is nothing but the mere pleasure of God.." I agree with Katie Pickett's point of view and how Edward's is trying to scare his readers. Edward's is especially powerful because he makes it clear that people must be perfect, otherwise they will experience the horrible wrath of God.

    2) The Puritans valued this sermon because they were very religious people and truly believed in what Edwards' was saying. The Puritan people believed that God would punish them if they made any mistakes and that they must continue to be religious because they do not want to end up making God angry.

    3) Fear is a very powerful motivation for human behavior and it can be used in both positive and negative ways. In some cases, fear can make you do something that you thought you would never be able to achieve like riding a bike or being able to swim. Also, people sometimes do things out of fear of not being well liked, such as drugs or alcohol.

    4) There are still parts of the Puritan culture that is used in our society today. There are still symbols that are put on gravestones to represent certain signs or meanings. Also, most people today are still very afraid of death, just like the Puritans.

  19. 1. The powerful images that Edward use "Over the Pit of hell". Since he think if someone did something wrong, they will be sent to hell. If they do good things they will still be on Gods side. If people did something bad, and try to fix it, god will sorta forgive them ant not.

    2. The puritans value the sermon because its what they live by. They believe what Edwards saying since he religious also. They are taught be good in god side.

    3. Fear is a powerful motivator for humans. There are fears that are good and some are bad. Security is a good thing. Emotion can also cause fear.

    4. There are some part of puritan in the world. Some people who are still afraid of god. Since everybody have different religion. Also, there still symbols in gravestone.

  20. 1. The most powerful imagery statement is "men are held in the hand of God, over the pit of hell;" this then talks about how of you commit one bad deed God's hand will drop you straight to hell with no second chances. Edwards seems to be planting a seed of pure fear of God into peoples lives so they will do right in the eyes of the Lord.

    2. The Puritans valued this sermon because they valued God so highly. This sermon is something they strongly believed in and stood by in their society.

    3. Fear is definitely a powerful motivator for humans. We sometimes fear those who have more power or authority over us, causing us to do what they want. Some peoples lives are driven by fear which is not right by any means.

    4. The fear of death is a major Puritan culture aspect that we still have today. Even if we know we are going to heaven we still don't want to die its something that we fear but it's not something that should be controlling our lives like it did with the puritans.

  21. 1. I found Edward’s sermon to be extremely powerful and religious when Edward said “men are held in the hand of God, over the pit of hell.” This is very powerful because it shows how simple it is for god to let you go to hell. It also shows that a great relationship with god is needed not to go to hell.
    2. The Puritans valued Edward’s Sermon so greatly because they knew this is the real relationship you needed with god so they could go to heaven and not parish in hell.
    3. I diffidently think fear is a powerful motivator, especially in today’s society. Fear of death can push someone to devote their entire life to god so that he/she can live forever in heaven.
    4. In today’s society I think one difference we have from the Puritan society is a fear of god. Puritans were scared of God and always trying to please him and now I feel like some people trust and rely on God more instead of fear him.

  22. 1. Edward’s most powerful figure of speech is that the only one saving you from dropping into the pit of fire is god. But the only way you can be saved is by staying a good person.
    2. This sermon was so important to the puritans because it explains the way they see good and there religion. If you sin you will be sent to hell and tortured. The person who decides if you are worthy to go heaven is god and he knows everything.
    3. I believe fear is a way to control humans. A great example of fear and power is 9/11. America has been living in fear because we think someone is going to bring a bomb on a plane. To make sure no one does we put metal detectors in every airport because we are scared.
    4. We still have some of the aspects of puritans today. We still believe that there is hell and heaven. We also have a fear of death.

  23. 1.Edward's commenly mentions that we are present in gods hands as he holds us over a firey pit of hell which we are all close to falling into if we do not execute the word of god. I believe he is trying to imply that even right as we are born we are on the verge of falling to hell and we need to save us from ourselves and the imperfections that humans carry with them.
    2. I think the Puritans value this sermon so highly because they too believed that if they were not perfect god would release them into hell. In this culture it is as if they fear god more than they do the devil.
    3. I think fear is the motivations for everything in life, and it can be used in many different ways. People can use fear to stop someone from doing something, people can use fear to force someone to do something, and in life we try to succeed because we fear failing and becoming poor.
    4. Aspects from Puritan life and our present lives are drasically different. In some ways however we still hold the same values for religion, we hold god to a high standard and try to do right by him. Instead of fearing god though we fear the devil and hell.